Global Podd #8: A World Without Hope?

Do we live in a world without hope? Or is there actually a way forward?

Only 25 years ago, the fall of Berlin Wall was seen as the beginning of a new era when everyone would live in peace as we reached “the end of history”. Today, the magic has vanished, there are no more glory nights.

Instead, we are witnesses to a very different reality. The word is in chaos, conflicts are spreading, terror is an everyday reality for tens of thousands of people

The unrest is of global scale, extremisms are on the rise, new walls are being erected. Optimism has turned into a depression, the fairy tales into a social and economic horror. Instead of ’the end of history’, we have been bumped to its’ dead-end.

One simple but extremely important ”ingredient” for a more peaceful perspective seems to be lacking in so many countries: Hope, trust, belief in the future and a better world.

Is there a way forward? Or, do we live in a world without hope?

Over the last year, Global Bar has organized seminars and discussions in Palestine, Belarus and the Balkans to stimulate a new climate for debate and discussions. Jointly, we have met people and discussed the current global development in a number of places.

For this Global Podd conversation we gathered three of the Global Bar participants for a discussion on the possibilities for our joint future:

Rana Khoury, vice president of Diyar (formerly International Center) of Bethlehem (Palestine).
Igor Jovanoski, political scientist from Macedonia
Jelena Markovic, film and TV director and Women in Black’s activist (Serbia).

Moderator: David Isaksson
Producer: Estrid Bengtsdotter
Music: Jean-Paul Wall

Global Podd is made with support from Union to Union

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